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I have been cycling in one form or another since the second grade. More recently, I have been riding to work since 2000 and moved to Carrboro in 2013. Once upon a time, I got profiled on over here:

It finally happened to me

Fifteen years on the bike, thousands upon thousands of miles, and I finally got hit. Well, it isn’t entirely accurate to say that I got hit, more like “I stopped and the car stopped on my front wheel”.  I was

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Seventy-Three Miles of Singlespeed Shinanegans

After months of jokes and weeks of debate, I rode my singlespeed on the BikeFest metric century this year– plus 11mi to Hillsborough from home– and it was every bit as silly and awesome as I had hoped it would

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I did the thing.

I just ended up with a cargo bike. It all started a couple of months ago when my wife was out of town for a week. There were a lot of places I’d have taken the kids by bike, but

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The family…

This was an exchange between my father and I while he was in town for Thanksgiving. We were waiting for a cyclist to cruise past before making a left into the driveway: Father: It is irritating waiting for cyclists. Me:

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Jury Duty

I rode out to Hillsborough on Wednesday for jury duty. As it happened, I also got some mileage in before the cold weather showed up. Due to a general lack of time, I rode up Old 86 in the morning.

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On not shifting and cycling in the fall

Presented with a gorgeous Fall Saturday and my family out of town, I decided there was nothing on the to-do list that couldn’t wait a few hours, grabbed my singlespeed, and set out for adventure. I ended up going for

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I am encouraged by two new things on the Chapel Hill side of the line: All of the bikes strung up on any surface vaguely resembling a bike rack at the new Shortbread lofts. Seriously, both the racks and the

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It’s Bike Month!

It’s May, the world has thawed out and greened back up, and it’s Bike Month. If you did not ride all winter (like some of us did), it’s time to dust off that steed, inflate the tires, and go. But

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Tour de France / Tour de Force

I will hazard a guess that many of this site’s readers are more interested in getting to work or school by bike than in cycling as a sport, and many more of you are interested in cycling both for business

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