I am encouraged by two new things on the Chapel Hill side of the line:

  1. All of the bikes strung up on any surface vaguely resembling a bike rack at the new Shortbread lofts. Seriously, both the racks and the sidewalk railings are studded with the students’ bicycles. It looks like the developer underestimated the number of bikes– just a little.
  2. Just today, the Town painted shiny new bike lanes on Rosemary from near Church to the Shortbread lofts. Okay, this is less than a block of bike lane, but one hopes that it is the start of something bigger on Rosemary. *UPDATE: Noticed the sharrows up and down Rosemary this morning also.*

So Carrboro, where is that road diet for Jones Ferry? And will Smith Level ever be completed? Stay tuned…



I have been cycling in one form or another since the second grade. More recently, I have been riding to work since 2000 and moved to Carrboro in 2013. Once upon a time, I got profiled on bikecommuters.com over here: http://www.bikecommuters.com/2012/10/06/commuter-profile-ben-august/

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