Seventy-Three Miles of Singlespeed Shinanegans

After months of jokes and weeks of debate, I rode my singlespeed on the BikeFest metric century this year– plus 11mi to Hillsborough from home– and it was every bit as silly and awesome as I had hoped it would be.

The weather was great, the pace was moderate (and at 39×16 it had to be), and after sorting out the Strava-driven nuts from the people out to have a good time in the first 5-10 miles, it was a very nice ride.

Everyone thought I was completely nuts to ride this bike on this ride. But the gearing on the bike is moderate and so it the climbing. It’s pretty simple, really: Out of the saddle to climb, in the saddle to cruise, spin out and coast on the descents. The steer tube on this bike is longer than the one on my usual road/CX bike, so its more upright position made it better on the back. (Note to self: Fix that on the road bike.) Not only that, I wasn’t the only one singlespeeding on a metric. I got passed by a much-stronger guy on a Fuji Track and a gentelman on a Trek conversion.

I was left to wonder if I could actually complete the 100mi ride on my 18sp. But that will have to be a question for next year.

I have been cycling in one form or another since the second grade. More recently, I have been riding to work since 2000 and moved to Carrboro in 2013. Once upon a time, I got profiled on over here:

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