Triangle Bikeworks Hammercross Youth Cyclocross

In the spring Triangle Bikeworks was approached about putting together a youth cyclocross team. At the time we had no idea what exactly cyclocross racing was and what it entailed. We were mainly excited by the possibility of finding another avenue to get youth on bikes and outdoors. Fast forward to today. After the state championship races in Pinehurst, our youth CCXr’s walked away with four medals for their participation! We are so very proud of them. They work hard during races, but always end up smiling. They trained twice per week until the time change and races began. They have their sights set on new accomplishments in the next season, and will be searching for ways to make improvements. They are hooked.

Providing kids a chance to do something they never dreamed and then seeing the positive outcome is amazing. That is a defining mission of Triangle Bikeworks. We give kids the opportunity and it builds their confidence. Showing them they have the resilience and the tenacity to succeed in whatever they put their minds and energy toward. Go TBW Hammercross!

Check out our team here.

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